Huska Consulting is a civil engineering consulting company serving the greater Washington DC area. Founded in 2017, we have provided a wide variety of services for more than four hundred projects with a specialty in site civil land development within the District of Columbia. We offer services in Northern Virginia and are beginning to spread to Maryland, as well. Despite COVID, the company is still growing. The vast majority of our work comes from repeat clients; word of mouth and referrals continue to bring new customers. Huska has worked hard to develop an impressive portfolio of successful projects with satisfied clients, colleagues, and reviewers. Feel free to peruse our portfolio and testimonials.


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Christopher Huska, PE

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Huska Consulting is a site civil engineering consultant specializing in land development projects in and around Washington, DC. Whether you need a small swimming pool in your back yard or want to redevelop several city blocks, Huska Consulting offers crucial services to create construction documents, obtain permits, and assist during construction.


Over the years we have successfully delivered on all kinds of projects. From highways to high schools, installing a pool in your backyard to redeveloping several waterside city blocks, we are proud to showcase what we've accomplished.



The level of service you will receive from Huska Consulting is above and beyond that of our competitors. See what others who have had the pleasure of working with us in the past have to say.


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