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Founded in 2017, Huska Consulting is a top notch civil engineering firm serving the greater Washington, D.C. area specializing in small to mid‐size residential and commercial projects. We add value to the design team by providing thoughtful, site specific solutions to the challenges of building a sustainable site in urban areas. We offer superior technical expertise, rapid turnaround and responsiveness, and are especially adept at navigating the complex regulations surrounding stormwater management. More than simply providing a service to the owner,
we work as an integrated team throughout the design process to ensure that the site functions exactly as intended. 


Huska Consulting pledges the following to all our clients and design team colleagues:

Better Designs

Our technical abilities are superior.
The quality of our plans is unmatched.

Rapid Response

To the greatest extent possible, we will give you what you need when you need it.

Lower Fees

We're a lean company, unburdened by multiple levels of management and lavish office space. Those savings are passed on to you.



For the first decade of Chris’ career, he worked for a handful of engineering companies in the D.C. area. During that time, Chris quietly observed things that he admired and worked very well; he also developed some criticisms which he typically kept to himself but noted were severe hindrances to the company’s performance. This mental notebook helped Chris formulate an outline on how to build a better engineering firm; one that was more focused on results for its clients and the well being of its employees than the salaries or bonuses of upper level management. 


To accomplish this vision, Huska Consulting aims to treat its
staff-level engineers and CAD technicians well and let them
know they are sincerely appreciated. This helps build a trusted,
well-experienced team that over time will become increasingly more knowledgeable, productive, confident, and deliver for its clients.
To further deliver for its clients, Huska provides project managers direct control over their workload and budget, and gives them the tools they need to become better mentors and oversee their team and projects. 


The business model of Huska Consulting is based on the belief that top-heavy and overly corporatized organizations are inefficient and slow. Upper-level managers burden budgets and drive-up overhead rates and multipliers. A more compressed, horizontal structure solves this problem. Utilizing technology and decentralized operations further increases efficiency.


The results of the above speak for themselves. Our clients are elated, are plans look great, we’re more responsive than our competition, our team members are happy, and we’re growing.

What Clients Say

Ed Albrigo

"Patrick Horgan and the Huska team did excellent work for our project's engineering plan, requirements and interaction with Fairfax County. To start, Patrick was transparent on the time and costs to complete the necessary plans and the County's review. Second, their work was completed timely and thoroughly. We highly recommend the Huska team for your engineering project in Fairfax County."
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