By working with a multi-disciplinary team, Huska Consulting offers efficient and reliable civil engineering services to develop designs, obtain permits, and create construction documents. These services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Site layout and grading

  • Erosion and sediment control design

  • Utility connection design (laterals & mains)

  • Drainage design

  • Hydrologic & hydraulic analysis

  • Stormwater management design




Development, Renovations, Additions,
or Site Improvements


Huska will provide the necessary design and permitting documents to obtain new water and sewer service laterals or replace or upsize the existing laterals. A site and grading plan can be provided to ensure good drainage, constructability, and aesthetics of the exterior site improvements including new stairs and areaways. An erosion and sediment control plan can be prepared which is required by DOEE for practically any project when exterior disturbance is greater than 50 square feet. Inquire today.


Stormwater Management 


For larger developments, stormwater management may be required if the limits of disturbance are greater than 5,000 square feet. Huska will design the stormwater management facilities and incorporate them into the site and utility designs. Inquire today.


DC Water Lateral Upsize 


If the water demand of a building increases enough (such as by adding bathrooms or kitchens) or if the sewer lateral is old and failing, Huska can provide the necessary plans documents to obtain permit approval from DC Water to install new utility lines. Inquire today.


Drainage and Erosion Solutions  

If a property is experiencing significant drainage and/or erosion problems, Huska can assess and quantify the problem and provide suggested solutions. Inquire today.

To ensure your project is handled with the right care and expertise,
Huska has engineers who specialize in each region in the DMV area. 




Grading Plan 

If your project disturbs more than 2,500 SF or involves the construction of a new single-family home, chances are you will need a Grading Plan. Huska has the experience to efficiently develop a Grading Plan and get approval for your project in any Northern Virginia municipality. Inquire today.


Commercial Site Plan  

Development of a commercial property typically requires an approved Site Plan. The types of site plans and requirements vary from County to County, but whatever your project needs are, Huska can help you get the permit approval you need for development. Inquire today.


RPA Delineation/WQIA 

Is there a stream or wetland on your property or within 100-ft of the property line? Your project my be located on or near a Resource Protection Area. Development on properties with an RPA or development in the RPA itself require field delineation of the RPA boundary and a WQIA. Huska has the experience and subcontractors relationships to help you navigate these permitting requirements. Inquire today.

To ensure your project is handled with the right care and expertise,
Huska has engineers who specialize in each region in the DMV area. 




Feasibility Study  

Sometimes a piece of land may look like it can be developed but depending on site constraints and local, state, and federal regulations you may not be able to use the land to the extent that you may think. Whether you are looking to construct a new office, build a restaurant, subdivide a property into multiple lots, or simply build an addition on your property, we can help you determine the feasibility of whatever your idea may be. Inquire today.


Drainage Plan 


Working on a single-family project in Montgomery County with less than 5,000 SF of disturbance? You may still need to hire a civil engineer. If the lot is less than 15,000 SF and you add 100 SF of impervious area, or you add an ADU to any sized lot, you will need to get an approved Drainage Plan. Contact Huska and let us determine the permitting requirements for your project and guide you to permit approval. Inquire today. 


Commercial Site Plan  

Depending on your project's disturbance, excavation requirements, zoning, environmental site features, and the jurisdiction it is located, you likely will need an approved Site or Grading Plan. During this phase, the more detailed aspects of the project are addressed. Site grading is provided through the use of spot grades and contour lines. Detailed information regarding the proposed drainage system, sewer or septic system, water supply system, and other site utilities are provided. A stormwater management system which attenuates any potential impact to peak runoff flow rates and stormwater quality is analyzed and designed. Sedimentation and Erosion Control measures and construction sequences are designed and developed to minimize any effect the development may have on wetlands and watercourses during construction. Inquire today.  

To ensure your project is handled with the right care and expertise,
Huska has engineers who specialize in each region in the DMV area. 


With over 500 projects underway,
Huska has the technical expertise
to get your
project to permit approval