"Real estate projects can be daunting for private owners like myself; the extensive regulatory requirements can hidden costs can be onerous. Christopher and his team were able to successfully guide me through many challenges. Chris started with a conversation to understand my needs, he laid out an action plan, and was very transparent about pricing and timelines. Throughout the process he and his team were responsive, always taking time to explain the technicalities of the situation and providing viable options. Christopher and his team showed exceptional professionalism. I highly recommend their service. "

- Baba Olaleye, Developer and client for project at 11 Q St NW

"Thank you so much for your input. We value your knowledge/opinion A LOT. I have enjoyed working with you and would like to continue."

- Jess Kim, Senior Associate and Senior Project Architect at Leo A Daly

"Chris Huska has been instrumental in the development of our national green roof brand and has helped us to better understand the complexity of green roof hydrology. Since green roofs are used primarily as tools to trap storm water, it was imperative for our company and our Purple-Roof concept to be properly evaluated by an experienced civil engineer. Chris pointed us in the right direction and gave us an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the use of green roofs for stormwater retention. He also introduced us to many critical aspects of green roof design that are unique in the civil engineering community and needed to be addressed in our Purple-Roof concept. We appreciate all his insight and knowledge and wish him well in his new endeaor where he will surely succeed."

- Oscar Warmerdam, President of Moerings USA, LLC Semper Green Purple Roof

"I offer you the highest compliment I can give in business: I want to work with you again."

- Kip Foster, Virginia Railway Express

"Chris has been a pleasure to work with, and I appreciate him for being patient in taking me under his wing and teaching me everything he knows. As a young engineer he has been a vital part in my growth and development. Chris understands the agency review process, and has a very good relationship with several DC agency reviewers. Overall Chris is a very knowledgeable civil engineer, and knows what it takes to bring a project to completion from beginning to end, while delivering with quality"

- Patrick Cruz, Engineer at  AMT, LLC

"It is rare that you come across civil engineering talent like Chris. Over the past 4 years, I had the pleasure of working with Chris on various stormwater related projects within the District of Columbia. I have been impressed with Chris' ability to meet the runoff reduction requirements that are imposed by the District on very small, tight sites. His ability to handle multiple site conflicts and arrive at a drainage solution that is acceptable by all players is a core strength. No matter how difficult the challenge, Chris' can do attitude and out of the box thinking is a trait that is a huge asset in meeting today's environmentally challenging site requirements."

- Chuck T. Lacey, Jr., PE, Product Manager at ADS Engineering

"Chris is a well rounded engineer with a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of site development. Whether it be DC Agency permitting, Federal regulations, or Stormwater Management requirements, Chris has always been my immediate resource when obstacles arise. Beyond the office, Chris is a dedicated family man. While logging countless hours managing the largest construction site in DC, he still manages to stay actively involved in raising Vladimir, Constantine, and Genevieve. On a more personal level, the thing I enjoyed most about working with Chris Huska is he is a very intelligent professional with the confidence to lead and also the humility to accept others' ideas. He is a rare talent within the field of civil engineering consultation."

- John Clemons, Civil Engineer