Huska Consulting provides a wide array of services, and specializes in small to mid-size projects in Washington, DC and the surrounding suburbs. The most common services provided are listed below:

Site Development

By working alongside a team of architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors, and consultants, Huska Consulting offers crucial civil engineering services to develop designs, obtain permits, create construction documents, and assist during construction. This service includes but is not limited to utility design for new development, upsizing water and sewer lines, exterior site improvements for new sidewalk, lead walks, stairs, area ways, and parking lots, drainage design and analysis, stormwater management, and traffic control plans. See our Project Portfolio for examples showcasing what we're capable of doing for you.

DC School Modernization

Christopher Huska has worked on several school modernization projects in the District of Columbia including Roosevelt High School, Empowering Males High School, Powell Elementary School, Dunbar High School, and Davis Elementary School.

Environmental Services

Huska is able to help clients ascertain how a myriad of environmental factors can affect a project. Huska has extensive experience with everything from wetlands, floodplains, and elevation certificates to navigable waters, national parks, and endangered species. Regardless of the environmental challenges and obstacles that may present themselves in a project, Huska is able to help secure required permits and plan approvals from appropriate government review agencies.


Huska Consulting is proud to have worked on multiple transportation projects in the greater Washington, DC area.

On very large projects encompassing several miles of interstate highway, working alongside highway engineers, Huska has provided drainage design services, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, sediment control plans, and assistance with fine and rough grading to balance earthwork, design sound walls, culverts, curb inlets, drainage ditches, and stormwater management ponds. A great example is the I-95 Express Lanes project.

In large-scale, urban projects to refurbish, redevelop, and enhance existing transportation corridors to comply with current City Planning initiatives regarding green areas and stormwater management requirements, Huska has provided the District with civil engineering plan documents and design calculations. See the Rhode Island Avenue project as an example.

Huska's design capabilities and experience extend to bridge and railroad projects, as well. We've designed a truck-train transload facility for York Rail and have provided supporting services for CSX bridges and railroad yard projects.

Property Assessment

The number of factors that can affect a property's viability for site development applications are varied and complex. Huska is able to assess how regulatory requirements, zoning, utility capacity, transportation studies, geotechnical conditions, and existing planning documents affect your property and its options for development.

Expert Testimony

As a professional civil engineer licensed to operate in Virginia and the District of Columbia, Huska is able to provide expert opinion, analysis, and support in regards to civil engineering practice. Whether you need such services in a legal setting in court, in a Public Space Committee hearing, or in a small private meeting or over email, Huska is able to share the fruits of many years' worth of experience, know how, and education.