Over the years we have successfully delivered on all kinds of projects ranging from gigantic to quaint. From highways to high schools, a pool in your backyard, or redeveloping entire city blocks, we are proud to showcase what we've accomplished.
1604 7th Street NW

The retail space shall be renovated and used as a restaurant. Utility design for two new water laterals was provided to meet increased demand from domestic fixtures and installation of a fire sprinkler system.

3300-3310 Rhode Island Ave, MD 1_edited.
3300-3310 Rhode Island Ave, Mt. Rainier MD


The previously abandoned, existing building comprising the entire city block underwent a gut renovation. It is now used for residential, retail and office use. Site design was provided for the exterior site improvements, including new hardscape, landscape, and ADA access.

4600 Connecticut Ave NW 3.JPG
Connecticut Gardens


This project concerned a large landscaping effort at 4600 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Stormwater management was integrated into the plans; the residents now enjoy a beautiful garden with two bioretention facilities and trees.

4801-4805 Lawrence St, Hyattsville 3.JPG
4801-4805 Lawrence St, Hyattsville MD


Several attached buildings were demolished. Huska provided the civil plans and permitting services to do so.

615 15th St NE 1.JPG
615 15th Street NE

For this alteration and repair project, Huska Consulting provided the design for a new water service lateral to meet demand from an increased fixture count and installation of a fire sprinkler system.

1247 Oates St NE 2.JPG
1247 Oates Street NE

For this renovation and building addition project a new water service lateral was needed to meet demand from an increased fixture count and installation of a fire sprinkler system.

1727 S St NW 3.png
1727 S Street NW


This project involved horizontal and vertical building additions, walk out areaways, wood deck patios, and new brick-paved parking spaces.

3229 R St NW 2_edited.png
3229 R Street NW


A new pool and spa was constructed in the rear yard.

7211 16th Street NW


This project involved a large landscaping effort to remove trees, shrubs, and invasive species, as well as several exterior site improvements including new driveway, walkway, and paved patio in the rear.

1200 New Jersey Ave, SE


Following a spill in the sub basement generator room at DDOT headquaters, Huska provided civil engineering consulting services to prepare a Tier II Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan.

716 Upshur Street, NW


The property went from a two-story with basement residential structure and was renovated into a four-unit multi-family structure. This included a vertical building addition and new areaway. This renovation also required a new combined water service lateral.

716 Upshur St NW 8.jpg
32 Todd Place, NE

The existing structure went through a substantial renovation and a third story was added. Consequently, the fixture count increased, thereby requiring an upsized water service lateral.

32 Todd Place NE 1.jpg
203-205 V Street, NW

Existing three properties are currently being combined. The original 2 story assembly structure and 2 story single family structure to become 18 unit multi-family structure.

203-205 V Street NW 2.jpg
1404 Meridian Place, NW

Originally, an attached two-story with cellar single-family residential structure. The existing building currently undergoing substantial interior renovation which includes underpinning and a two-story vertical addition. The result will be a 4-story with cellar and penthouse 3-unit multi-family residential structure. A new dc water service laterals were installed.

1712 15th Street, NW

Initially a three-story single family residential unit renovated to serve as a four-unit multifamily residential structure. New combined water service, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer laterals were installed.

1712 15th St NW 1.jpg
729 Princeton Place, NW

Single-family residential townhouse undergoing interior renovation. The renovated structure shall serve as a 2-unit residential structure. The gas service lateral were relocated, and new utilities including a sanitary sewer lateral and new storm sewer lateral were installed.

729 Princeton Pl NW 3.jpg
1418 Meridian Place, NW

Originally a two-story with cellar residential structure undergoing a substantial interior renovation which includes underpinning and a two-story vertical addition. The result will be a 4-unit multi-family residential structure. New DC water service laterals are being installed. A new sanitary sewer service lateral, and a new storm sewer lateral installed to replace original laterals.

It is important to note that Christopher Huska worked on the below projects while with former employers.
Southwest Waterfront "The Wharf"
Southwest Waterfront

Located along the southwest border of the District of Columbia, this redevelopment project is huge, encompassing 26 acres of land and 4 city blocks. Consisting of restaurants, hotels, parks, offices, residences, a marina, piers, and docks, this impressive 1.5 billion dollar project has transformed a large portion of the District into a high-end neighborhood with seaside views and access to the Washington Channel. Site civil engineering services were provided for the Fish Market, Phases 1 and 2, and Waterfront Park.

I-95 Express Lanes
I-95 Express Lanes

The first section of the I-95 Express Lanes project was approximately 8 miles of completely new highway in what was originally a grass median. Stretching from the Garrisonville Road exit to beyond the Joplin road exit, this was a large undertaking. Drainage and stormwater management services were provided for this project, along with fine grading for sediment and erosion control layout and overall earthwork balancing.

George Mason University PE Building
George Mason University PE Building


The George Mason University Physical Education building renovation project was part of a larger, ambitious expansion effort of the Fairfax campus. New utility services, parking lots, and sidewalks were provided. The nearby traffic circle was also designed to complement this new development.

Roosevelt High School Modernization
Roosevelt High School Modernization

This project involved a substantial renovation and modernization of the school. The site civil component of the work included layout, design, permitting, and construction administration for the site improvements, a parking and zoning analysis, grading, drainage, stormwater management, new utility connections, erosion and sediment control, and landscaping. Coordination efforts were made to obtain LEED certifications. Traffic Control Plans were also prepared to assist in the construction efforts.

Empowering Males High School

Empowering Males of Color High School, formerly the Ron Brown Middle School, entailed a gut renovation of the existing building. The improvements made to the school include a new entrance addition which give a corridor link between the two structures which comprise the school, ADA ramps along the south side of the site, a renovated interior courtyard, and exterior parking lot.

Powell Elementary School

The existing Elementary School was expanded to include a new addition. The work was performed over several phases. Other site improvements included new ADA accessibility, parking lots, and stormwater management.

Saint Elizabeth's East Gateway Pavilion
Saint Elizabeth's Gateway Pavilion

This project was the first major development step in a larger effort to ready the area to support the future DHS headquarters. The project centered around a one-story open air pavilion structure with a pedestrian accessible green roof and outdoor amphitheater. Site civil services were provided for site improvements including pedestrian walkways, utility service laterals, stormwater management, grading, and erosion and sediment control. Utility laterals were designed and permitted. A 10,000 gallon rainwater cistern was provided and designed to overflow to a bioretention facility.

The Heritage Foundation Redevelopment
The Heritage Foundation

The existing six-story mixed-use structure was renovated. The improvements to the building included patios, ramps, walkways, reconfigured entryways, retaining walls, and landscaped areas. Utility laterals servicing the building were similarly renovated, chiefly consisting of the following: domestic water, fire service, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, natural gas, and electrical. Stormwater management requirements were satisfied with incorporating bioretention facilities into exterior landscaped areas, a green roof, and a permeable pavement area.

Potomac Yard

Formerly an under-utilized rail yard, the Potomac Yard in Alexandria was transformed into a large, multi-acre, multi-use development. The development was provided an open but urban feel by combining a new road bridge, condominiums, offices, retail, restaurants, dog parks, tennis and basketball courts, and common areas. Huska provided site civil engineering services for large portions of this project.

Potomac Yard
Paramount Baptist Church

The Paramount Baptist Church project consisted of a very large building addition, an exterior parking lot, and site improvements which include sidewalk, stairs, and landscaped bioretention facilities. The building addition will be used for church services, child and adult education and training, and daycare. The construction had started and stalled more than a decade prior, and so the existing condition was an abandoned construction site.

Rhode Island Avenue
Rhode Island Avenue

As part of a larger DDOT effort to revitalize this area of the city, design work is currently under way to see how additional green space and best management practices can be implemented into Rhode Island Avenue. Not only will this make the area more visually attractive, the storm runoff loading to the sewer system will be decreased, too. Huska provided 65% design plans for this effort.

Weinberg Commons

A major gut renovation of 3 existing brick and masonry buildings. They were transformed into 37 2-bedroom apartments, 36 of which are Affordable Housing Units. The buildings are the first Passive Apartment Buildings in Washington, DC. Praised by Mayor Bowsere for dramatically lowering utility costs. Chris was the civil engineer for this project. He was instrumental in laying out the site improvements, providing ADA accessibility, and gaining the necessary permits and regulatory approvals.

300 8th Street, NE

Currently a dialysis center, this building's super structure will be demolished to leave only the basement and foundation behind. On this will be built a new 42-unit apartment building. Chris was the senior civil engineer responsible for stormwater management and quality control/quality assurance of the other aspects of the design.

York Rail Transload Facility
York Rail Transload Facility

Huska teamed with engineers, surveyors, and environmental scientists to design a custom transload facility for York Rail located in York, Pennsylvania. A few notable environmental issues were overcome such as having to revise flood maps with FEMA and disturbing wetlands with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

CSX Bridge over Anacostia River
CSX Bridge over Norfolk Southern in Alexandria, VA
CSX Bridges

Huska has provided design and construction support services for two CSX railroad bridges: the bridge which goes over the Anacostia River and the bridge which goes over Norfolk Southern track in Alexandria, Virginia.