About Huska Consulting

​Huska Consulting provides top notch civil engineering consulting services in the greater Washington, DC area across many project types. We add value to the design team by providing thoughtful, site specific solutions to the challenges of building a sustainable site in urban areas. We offer superior technical expertise, rapid turnaround and responsiveness, and are especially adept at navigating the complex regulations surrounding stormwater management. More than simply providing a service to the owner, we work as an integrated team with the architect throughout the design process to ensure that the site functions exactly as intended.

Our Pledge

Huska Consulting pledges the following to all our clients and design team colleagues:

  1. Better Designs - Our technical abilities are superior. The quality of our plans is unmatched.

  2. Rapid Response - To the greatest extent possible, we will give you what you need when you need it.

  3. Lower Fees - We're a lean company, unburdened by multiple levels of management and lavish office space. Those savings are passed on to you.

Meet the Team

Christopher Huska, PE

President, Founder, Member

Chris worked for a handful of engineering companies after graduating in 2005. For 12 years he observed how his former employers operated and began formulating ideas of how he might be able to deliver better service, streamline production, reduce worker turnover, and maximize efficiency. In 2017 he took a big risk; he announced his departure and went independent, founding Huska Consulting. He is absolutely thrilled and proud to see how far the company has come in such a short period of time. He doesn't like to take too much credit, though. He constantly points at that the key to the company's success and continued growth is having a great team of knowledgeable, dependable people.

Isaac Tiemens

Senior CAD Technician

Isaac worked all across the country, with different kinds of people and in varying industries since 2012. He joined Huska Consulting as a full-time CAD Technician in June of 2018, and his ability to quickly learn and adapt to new challenges continually stands out as the company grows.

Elijah Tiemens

CAD Technician

Elijah joined Huska Consulting in January of 2019, and as a full-time CAD Technician he brings his passion for detail and client-accessibility to the company's plans and designs, working tirelessly to deliver Huska's signature level of outstanding quality in every project.

Zechariah Tiemens

Junior CAD Technician

Zechariah joined Huska Consulting in September of 2019. He joins his two older brothers as our latest full-time CAD Technician. His youth, energy, and drive are a great asset to our team and we're delighted to have him on board.

John Wortmann (FYI LLC)

Part-Time Independent Consultant, Engineer

John is the sole proprietor of FYI, LLC and works for Huska Consulting as a part-time engineering consultant. He has over 20 years of experience spanning across several states along the East Coast. John and Chris have a good working relationship; they were coworkers for 4 years during their stay at a former employer. John is able to converse with clients and permit reviewers about technical issues in multiple jurisdictions, and so you’ll often see him working on the jobs in Maryland and Virginia.

Grant Kettell (Edison GK)

Part-Time Independent Consultant, IT Services

Edison GK specializes in IT consulting and implementation of IT services for small to mid-size businesses. Grant's IT expertise allows him to develop effective solutions that save time in order to focus on solving problems and minimizing constraints. Edison GK continues to work with clients after implementation to maintain operational continuity and to enhance security.

Adam Wyrick (District Financial)

Part-Time Independent Consultant, Accountant

Adam Wyrick is the sole proprietor of District Financial and works for Huska Consulting as a part-time book keeper and accounting consultant. He was brought on early in 2018 and does a great job managing the company's finances, accounting, financial planning and analysis, and taxes. With over ten years of accounting experience, Adam worked for a variety of firms, including Ernst and Young and Deloitte, before starting District Financial to better help the metro area's businesses.

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